Friday, July 20, 2012

The Girls Still Got It

I have a confession to make. I'm not a big fan of the Bad Girls of the Bible books by Liz Curtis Higgs. I hate to admit that. The books are so popular and everyone praises them, but I had to force myself to finish the 1st book and I never attempted any of the sequels. So when my former Bible Study group were choosing a new study, I tried talking everyone out of a study my Liz Curtis Higgs. They won. I quickly realized that I won too. I never laughed so hard, nor learned so much during a study, before or after. So when I saw this book was available to review, I requested it right away. And I loved it!
The back of the book says that after reading The Girls Still Got It, you will be able to say, "I totally geth the book of Ruth." Well, I just finished reading it, and I totally get the book of Ruth! Liz (she puts so much of herself into this book that you feel like you know her, so I'll call her Liz, thankyouverymuch) does encourage relating Ruth and Naomi to our personal lives, make no mistake that this is a study of the book of Ruth. Liz walks us through Ruth, literally line by line. We are given plenty of background, so it's easy to imagine this ancient world, the clothing, hairstyles, customs, etc.
I have another book that studies Ruth , and have done other studies on Ruth, and the difference in the books are huge. I found The Girls Still Got It to be superior because of the depth it goes into. Liz doesn'tskip around, taking the book line by line, you're getting the details and the background to see and understand the whole picture. Liz doesn't pick out the most important lines, each line holds importance. I missed the significance of verse 2:4 before. Not this time. Additional knowledge given about 1:18 or 3:15, adds important aspects to the story that I never realized before. And that's what I love about this study. I'm not just reading someone else's take on the same ol' story. I learned something more.
Liz does a great Righteous Ruth Rap. Check it out here.