Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dark Lover in 10 Sentences or Less

I recently read Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. How could I not? With all the yakking about 50 Shades, this book often was mentioned as a "If you liked, then try" books. I've heard about this series before, so it was already on my TBR list. Well, I didn't like 50 shades, but I did like Dark Lover. Coming so soon off of 50 Shades, I had to force myself to not be over critical, and the character names(Rhage, Wrath, Zsadist, etc), and the damsel in distress were blatently obvious and a bit irksome, but overall, this was a very enjoyable book. The storyline isn't all that original (really, how many ways can you say that boy meets damsel, boy saves damsel while trying to deny his true feelings, but ultimately they give in and live happily ever after?), but the journey to the happily ever after was fun. I will continue with the series because I want more of Zsadist. I just hope that the women become stronger characters and not weaklings always in need of protecting.

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